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Read the latest one piece 734 spoiler and summaries here. one piece 734 chapter scan spoiler will be released on tuesday night or wednesday morning.  Either that, or Bellamy seems to be much lower in the hierarchy of the DD pirates considering none of Dofla’s other crew members seem to have a confirmed bounty either. Dofla isn’t in that bad a position at the moment.

one piece 734  raw

I get the sense that while his plans over Dressrosa will fail at the end of this arc, he won’t be entirely defeated just yet because altho we’re seeing the huge coalition you mention right now, Dofla also has the support of the Marines, what with Fuji being at his side, and said Admiral could call on Marine forces of his own if he wants to, and that could be problematic. But if he’s anything like Aokiji, as I suspect, he’ll remain cautiously neutral in this conflict with some partiality toward Dofla.

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